Quick, Free Local Support for Little Things and Important Tasks.

GetLocalSupport.org is connecting vulnerable people with volunteers approved by volunteer organisations, across the United Kingdom.

Simply make a request and we'll assign a nearby volunteer to assist you. Here's how it works.

Request volunteer assistance

GetLocalSupport.org is currently is no longer offering support, We want to thank everyone involved, especially DVVA and the 100+ volunteers..Together during the pandemic, we managed to help 600 vulnerable people based in Dundee, United Kingdom. Thank you.

How it works

There are 3 simple steps involved in getting volunteer assistance.

  1. A vulnerable person, or someone on behalf of a vulnerable person, makes a request
  2. We automatically assign a volunteer based on location and needs of the request.
  3. The local volunteer will get in touch by phone to arrange the finer details, then take action as soon as possible.

To learn more please see our frequently asked questions.

For tips on reducing alcohol or drug use, or to speak to someone with lived-experience about it, see our reducing substance use page or select "Road to support" above.

Watch our how-to video:

Illustration showing request, select and call.

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