Support and tips for reducing and stopping alcohol and drug use in Dundee, UK

Substance use is on the rise in Dundee and across Scotland. Dundee Volunteer & Voluntary Action (DVVA) have compiled the following advice for reducing or completely stopping alcohol and drug use. You can also choose to speak to someone with lived-experience.

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Cutting Down On Alcohol

If you regularly drink more than 14 units of alcohol a week, try these simple steps to cut down.

  • 14 units of alcohol is equivalent to 6 pints of average strength beer or 10 small glasses of low strength wine
  • Set a budget: Only take a fixed amount of money to spend on alcohol
  • Plan before you start to drink, set a limit on how much you are going to drink
  • Let people know if you let your family or friends know you are wanting to cut down. They can then support you
  • Take one day at a time: cut your alcohol intake a little each day. This will help you achieve your goal
  • Make it a small one: you can still enjoy a drink, but go for smaller sizes, try bottled beer instead of pints and a small glass of wine instead of a larger glass

Before and during drinking alcohol:

  • Remember to eat a meal before drinking
  • Remember to keep yourself hydrated and drink water before drinking alcohol and alternate alcoholic drinks with water and soft drinks

If you require more information and support contact the Chit Chat support line

Tips for Cutting Down or Stopping Drug Use

It can be hard to take the first step and look at your own drug use but if you can, the impact on your health will be great. Any drug can become problematic whether it's an illegal one or a prescribed drug from your GP. You don’t have to be taking drugs every day for it to become an issue.

  • Dependence on a drug can be physical, psychological or both
  • Keep a diary. Write down when you take drugs, who you are with and how it makes you feel at the time. This helps you spot patterns
  • It’s important to talk if possible to family and friends. They can support you when you are reducing or stopping
  • Be kind to yourself and celebrate each step towards your goals no matter how small
  • Don’t feel guilty about any setbacks, we all learn from them
  • Take time out if you need it, gradually reducing is important and often the most successful way to quit
  • If you start to have cravings, think of an activity that would keep you busy and take your mind off the cravings

Remember a healthy body leads to a healthy mind therefore it's important to eat well and take plenty of exercise.

If you require more information and support contact the Chit Chat support line