How to Purchase Pre-paid Cards Online

If you'd like to use a pre-paid gift card or volunteer card to pay for your shopping, you can follow the steps below. Unless you already have one, we don't recommend pre-paid vouchers, as they won't work digitally.

Cards can be purchased easily online and then messaged to the volunteer or printed out and left in a safe place for the volunteer to collect.

Table of Contents:

Gift Cards


Tesco currently don't offer the ability to purchase gift cards online.


ASDA recommend using their Volunteer Card. See below.


Morrisons gift cards can be purchased from

You can read more here.

Marks & Spencer

You can purchase a M&S eGift Card here.

Volunteer Card

The Volunteer Card is a type of Gift Card that ASDA made available to support vulnerable people during self-isolation.

The card provides a contactless, safe and secure way to allow family/friends/volunteers to shop on their behalf and means no bank or credit card details are exchanged with the volunteer and removes any risk of handling cash. The volunteer uses the card in-store (by simply scanning the barcode) and can return the card, with the shopping and receipt, to a safe place, for the recipient. Any change due is left on the card for future use and can be ‘topped-up’ if necessary.

It can be purchased here.